STOMP Farnham, Surrey

STOMP Fitness outdoor fitness workouts are available in Farnham at the beautiful Frensham Little Pond.

Click the button to book your place and find out more about Jo, our Lead Instructor in Farnham, below:

Jo Mahan, Lead Instructor Farnham Stomp & Founder

I changed my career from Nurse to Personal trainer in 2001 when I realised that my passion was in Health and Wellness and not so much, illness. I loved nursing but I also loved Fitness.


I am a firm believer that to lead a happy life, you need to be feeling tip top from within and that means exercising in the right way for you and eating to fuel that.

My mind is both sharper and calmer when I am feeling strong and fit.


My second passion is wildlife and conservation. I love to be outdoors, so my perfect workout is always an outdoor session. I have a gym to train clients in but it's pretty idyllic among The Surrey Hills and it acts as a base for a mixed workout that uses both indoor kit and the outdoor landscape.


The benefits of walking outdoors are constantly documented, and I know from my own experience that when I spend an hour training outside, either walking, running or cross training that whatever the weather, I feel 100% happier, more accomplished and motivated. It is a privilege to deliver fitness programmes to individuals and groups who remark on feeling the same.


So, that’s me in a nutshell. I am 41 years old, I have 2 kids, a husband, too many animals and I am blessed to live and work in the woods and next to water.

It keeps me both physically fit and mentally focused.