STOMP Fleet, Hampshire

STOMP Fitness outdoor fitness workouts are available in Fleet in the beautiful Tweseldown training area.

Click the button to book your place and find out more about Angie, our Lead Instructor in Fleet, below:

Angie Shadrake, Lead Instructor Fleet Stomp

I am 38, married for 10 years and have 2 young girls.

I have always had a passion for fitness and sport which has played a large role in my life in some shape or form. I left Heathrow Airport after 15 years as a Security Trainer and Manager, both roles I enjoyed thoroughly. I decided to combine what I enjoy doing most, training and fitness which lead to a change in my career to Personal Trainer.

My history of sports and fitness dates to a young age where I was Middlesex javelin champion and a county netball player. I still play netball today for various fun league teams across Hampshire and Berkshire.

After having my second daughter I joined an outdoor fitness club to get back into shape (before this I had only ever been to large corporate gyms). This is where I discovered my love for outdoor fitness and the additional benefits that came along with it. Socialising, challenging, the fresh air and most of all a mental relief from the stresses of day-to-day life. I was hooked!!

I am a firm believer that outdoor activity improves mood, mental wellbeing and reduces stress which is something that all of us need in our lives. Right now, in the age of COVID-19 there has never been a better time or need for the benefits of nature and exercise.

I love to exercise outdoors in all weathers, I have had some of the best workouts on freezing cold days and some of the happiest during wet rainy days. This is something once upon a time I would never have dreamt I would say however maintaining a positive mental attitude, pushing through negative thoughts and excuses have all been part of my journey  to where I am today.